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Children's entertainment sites

Playgrounds of the tree - it's not just fun, but also an important part of the full development of the baby. Prolonged exposure to fresh air improves appetite and contribute to your child grow healthy, hardy and strong. In addition, all children without exception enjoy spending time riding on a swing, Rejoicing in the hills, playing in houses, etc.

Wood is an ideal material for the creation of children's playgrounds. It is light, warm, durable and environmentally friendly basis. On the wooden elements of design can sit without fear of catching cold. They are pleasant to the touch and warm, unlike plastic and metal.

All our products are soaked in an industrial environment under pressure environmentally safe and harmless to human inprehnantom which gives the wood a nice green color and protects it from rot and bark for up to 15 years without additional protection.

Over time, the operation will change to green color natural brown. This type of treatment can be used over toning formulations for wood, and if you want you can give the product any color.

Fencing and palisades

If you enclose something within the site (eg flower beds to protect from dogs) or issue any area (for example, to place parking) for this purpose palisade. Palisade - a fence, usually small height, used for protective or decorative purposes. From thieves palisade, of course, nothing protects. But the roses or dahlias on their pets - even very well.


Rest of town - it is always great! Especially if your smallholding executed so skillfully that even in the rain to enter the house does not want to.

Garden arbors - a comfortable place for children to play and adults cheer. They may cover you in the bad weather and the light become a real escape from the hot sun. Ability to use this design almost a year, perhaps, leads to the fact that sooner or later every owner thinks about a useful acquisition.

The company offers DerVer wooden pergola to give in a large range. You can choose a design, its size, color, roof, etc.

Decorative articles

What decorative items for the garden? This interesting details that give your site exclusivity, comfort and special charm, make it look personal. With them, you can create a garden any mood, from exuberant to pensive tranquility.

Traditionally, the most common "guests" in the area are those elements which in ancient times were required at each house, house. These wells, bridges, wagons and wheels from them the gate. Nowadays, the use of these attributes - this is the easiest way to create a cozy and emphasize closeness to nature. They do not take up much space, but will be proof that your taste and your home deserve attention.

When selecting products you can rely on those plantations that are already on the site, the overall view of the garden. Or vice versa, buy decorative items first, and then choose the most suitable plants to determine their seating chart. It helps to observe the stylistic unity throughout and did not disrupt the harmony.