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impregnation of wood

Autoclave DerWer

Impregnation is to protect the wood from external weathering by chemical means. Protect wood in various ways - surface method by dipping or impregnating her under pressure. However, the single most effective method of treatment is its leakage under pressure. Wood endowed adhesion properties to potential threats to biological corrosion and becomes virtually indestructible material. Protected, it is subject to attack insects of fungi and bacteria. Only deep wood processing gives 100% guarantee of good wooden structure through the decades.

The process of impregnation of wood (wood impregnation process), or "vacuum -pressure - vacuum", consists of several stages. At the first stage of the initial vacuum removes air from the wood cells. Then the chamber is filled with a protective substance of "Obermayyer" Nimechchina. The next stage of hydrostatic pressure causes the protective structure to penetrate deep into the wood structure. In the next stage vacuum removes residues from the surface of the protective timber. Reduced pressure inside the timber draws the protective structure of the surface. As a result, components imprehnanty recorded in the structure of wood so that they become almost impossible to remove. Wood is a long-term protection.

There is no better industrial processing technologies - as impregnation imprehnatamy in an autoclave under pressure.

Our company uses imprehnaty KORASIT CCON, KORASIT KS, Additiw K, Additiw S of "Obermayyer" Germany. These chemicals are used in Europe as an effective means of protection of wood against biological corrosion (rot, mold) and from pests (insects, rodents, etc.). Zaimprehnovana timber further has no corrosive effect on metal and glass as opposed to untreated wood. Processing takes place in accordance with the standards EN 351-1 and EN 352-2. The quality of the laboratory process provided by "Obermayyer" (Germany).